Sometimes 24 hours is all you can spare, but it can be enough time if you spend it wisely. #DreamDayIn is my series of dawn-till-dusk travel guides. From what I’d eat to where I’d lay my head to rest and everything in between, this is my dream day in…




7:30am: Wake up at Danai Resort

8am: Head to the gym for a yoga class, or to the tennis court for an energising start to the day.

9am: Enjoy breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea, with a bowl of homemade Greek yoghurt, fresh fruit and local pine honey.

10am: All aboard! Hop on The Bird, Danai Resort’s 82 ft. cruiser and explore the Sithonia peninsula on this 4-bedroom luxury yacht. Take a dip in the Aegean Sea (the warmest in Greece!) and whizz around on a Seabob, before drying off on the top deck with a glass of wine in hand.

1pm: Moor the yacht at Paradisos beach in Neos Marmaras and head to Panos Fish Tavern for a big fat Greek lunch. Order everything – it’s all delicious – and enjoy family style beneath the big pine tree. No feeding the cat!

3pm: Back aboard The Bird to sail back to Danai Resort.

3:30pm: Soak up the afternoon sunshine in one of the beach cabanas. Opt for the Royal Cabana (the highest of three tiers) which comes complete with an office (not that you’ll be doing any work), WiFi, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, a bedroom, a swing, and a shower.

5pm: Bring the Danai Spa experience to you and indulge in a massage in the privacy of your cabana.

6pm: Head back to your suite for a freshen up.

7pm: Wine tasting time at Danai’s ‘Cave á Vin’. Built deep into the side of the mountain, this award-winning wine cellar is the largest in Greece. Let head sommelier Apostolos school you on as many of the 1,700 varieties as he can within an hour.

8pm: You’ll be hungry by now, and maybe even feeling a bit fancy after the wine tasting, so go for the 8-course degustation menu at Michelin-starred The Squirrel.

10:30pm: Head down to the garden tavern for a traditional Bachtses Night of live music and Ouzo-fuelled dancing.